Friends from a previous time 

How do you keep in touch with people from your past? Do you make the effort to continue being friends with people you’ve concidered friends in the past? 

It’s a terribly difficult task for me. I don’t have the drive to have conversations with people that think they know me but when they have very little idea what’s going on. That may be my fault because I don’t let people know what’s going on, wait, I used to not let people know what’s going on. I’ve been working on it.

Maybe this is why I feel more connected with my current group of friends than I ever have with my previous friends. I allow myself to be me. I let them see how I’m doing on good days and bad. 

Then if I’ve figured out how to let people into my snow globe life, could I then let my past relationships out of the darken corners where I left them? Would I want to do that? Would they want that? 

What about when I move in July? Will I continue to keep the friends I have now? Will I make the effort, will they? 

How do you talk to people? No, seriously, how do you let people in when they aren’t in the normal schedule of your life? How do you let someone who has this snapshot imagine of you see what’s actually behind the smiles and nervous laughs when you don’t have the opportunity to see them face to face? 

My intimate relationship has struggled on for almost 3 years now because I moved here. I’ve let so many relationships go either by choice, neglect or by the decision of others. 

Is it worth trying to connect with people from your past?  


Or do you just let them fade away?   


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