Part One- Update on my life

Yes, just good for now. My snow globe of a life has been shaken and it’s in the mix of settling down again.
Bella is okay. I switched her food on accident because I couldn’t find her current food because it said senior on it and the other one didn’t. So her belly was hurting real bad because of course I didn’t slowly tradition her to the new food. Why would I do that?! (Sarcasm)
While at work I googled how to help her feel better and learned that the food I have her on isn’t good for her because it’s vegetarian. How was I suppose to know?! Anyway, I went back to the store and asked the pet smart person about it. They told me that Bella is considered a senior. Which confirms my issues with being attached to her. I don’t know if a day goes by where I am able to forget the fact that she is going to die. I know, I know, enjoy the time she does have and death happens to everything blah blah. But that just makes me feel insignificant and small.

So there is more to this story but I have to pee and find food.

Your turn- what’s a piece of snow from your snow globe?