Masturbate and exercise

What if you only allowed yourself to masturbate or engage in sexual activity after you had worked out/exercise. Would you exercise more or masturbate less?


Greenway blister

I took Bella to the greenway today. I packed our little bag of water bottles and bowl and set out for our adventure.
Bella was very excited to go for a ride and when we pulled into the parks parking lot she looked like she was losing her mind.
My roommate takes long walks/runs regularly and sometimes would take Bella. But since she has gone home for the summer Bella has been deprived of the longer exercise time.
I am not very active or physically fit. Recently, I downloaded the 7 minute workout app, I’ve done it twice. Both times I have laid in the floor at the end wondering if I’m going to be able to get up. The sweat puddle is body shaped on the floor.
I’m trying to get better about my physical activity. I want to be able to go up the stairs without looking like I’ve gone hiking mid day in summer.
I put some headphones in and started our walk. My music was load enough that I couldn’t hear the ice sloshing around in my backpack.
I felt bad when I looked up to see a man passing by who was obviously talking to be about Bella. I just smiled and kept walking. I didn’t know what else to do really.
Bella and I jogged for a while, and by jogged I really mean I walked faster. I noticed my foot hurting but decided I was just being whinny about it.
When Bella and I got home I took my socks and shoes off. There it was. Big, red, pocket full of water goo the size of a quarter. Since I start the new job tomorrow I tried to leave it alone. I didn’t want it to get worse and then I wear dressy shoes and and and.
To distract myself from my ankle I found that the skin on my thumb looked a little dry and flakey. So I proceeded to peeling that off. By the time I decided to stop it was too late, my thumb was bleeding and swollen.
The logical thing the was to pop the blister with a needle. I pushed the liquid to one side and poked. The release of pressure and visible release of the watery pus was intoxicating. I felt accomplished.
I need new shoes. Stupid shoes gave me a stupid blister. And that translate to exercise is awful and should never be done again.
Bella was happy about our outing. She even played with the toy I bought her months ago for almost a full minute. This was only the second time I’ve seen her play with it. She makes me so happy.